Manual de evaluación y restauración agro- ecológica de suelos de uso agropecuarios afectados por incendios

Development of eco-friendly polyurethane foams based on Lesquerella fendleri (A. Grey) oil-based polyol

Physical-Chemical Evaluation of Active Food Packaging Material Based on Thermoplastic Starch Loaded with Grape cane Extract

Effects of landcover changes on net primary production (NPP)-based exergy in south-central of Chile

Life cycle assessment of innovative insulation panels based on eucalyptus bark fibers

Polyphenolic distribution in organs of Argylia radiata, an extremophile plant from Chilean Atacama desert

Chilean crab (Aegla cholchol) as a new source of chitin and chitosan with antifungal properties against Candida spp

Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of red murta (Ugni molinae Turcz.) seeds: an undervalued Chilean resource

Catalytic Ozonation of Toluene Using Chilean Natural Zeolite: The Key Role of Brønsted and Lewis Acid Sites

Electrocrystallization of CaCO3 Crystals Obtained through Phosphorylated Chitin

Changes in epiphytic lichen diversity are associated with air particulate matter levels: The case study of urban areas in Chile

Pseudomonas arsenicoxydans sp nov., an arsenite-oxidizing strain isolated from the Atacama desert

Modelling methanol recovery in wine distillation stills with packing columns

Natural zeolite reactivity towards ozone: the role of acid surface sites

Influence of chemical surface characteristics of natural zeolite on catalytic ozone abatement

Methylene blue removal from contaminated waters using heterogeneous catalytic ozonation promoted by natural zeolite: mechanism and kinetic approach

Electrochemical treatment of segregated effluents from the d-stage in ECF Kraft cellulose bleaching

BTX abatement using Chilean natural zeolite: the role of Brønsted acid sites

Municipal solid waste and production of subtitute natural gas and electricity as energy alternatives

Phytotoxic effect of paper pulp sludge on Alfisol soil

Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation of Ultrafiltration Permeates from Cellulose Bleaching Effluents

Role of surface hydroxyl groups of acid-treated natural zeolite on the heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of methylene blue contaminated waters

Natural zeolite reactivity towards ozone: The role of compensating cations

Influence of Volcanic Sand Surface Hydroxyl Groups on the Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation of Methylene Blue Contaminated Waters

Life cycle inventory of pine and eucalyptus cellulose production in chile: effect of process modifications

Impact of ozone treatment on activated carbon surface properties

Catalytic ozone aqueous decomposition promoted by natural zeolite and volcanic sand

Isolation of Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacteria from Arsenic-Enriched Sediments from Camarones River in Northern Chile

Detoxification of Waste Water Contaminated with Imidacloprid using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Processes

Arsenic Mobilization by Epilithic Bacterial Communities Associated with Volcanic Rocks from Camarones River, Atacama Desert, Northern Chile

Effect of Zeolite Chemical Surface Properties on Catalytic Ozonation of Methylene Blue Contaminated Waters

Kinetic study of Imidacloprid Removal by Advanced Oxidation Based on Photo-Fenton Process

Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation of Cationic Dyes Using Volcanic Sand

Recovery of Molybdenum from Roasted Copper Slags

Oxidative regeneration of toluene-saturated natural zeolite by gaseous ozone: The influence of zeolite chemical surface characteristics

Solvothermal synthesis of BiOI microspheres: Effect of the reaction time on the morphology and photocatalytic activity

Phenylmercury degradation by heterogeneous photocatalysis assisted by UV-A light

Development of a bienzymatic amperometric biosensor to determine uric acid in human serum based on mesoporous silica (MCM-41) for enzyme immobilization

Chemical remediation of an agricultural soil: a case study of the tsunami-affected area of Chile

Treatment of a mixture of chloromethoxyphenols in hypochlorite medium by electrochemical AOPs as an alternative for the remediation of pulp and paper mill process waters

Low frequency ultrasound (42 kHz) assisted degradation of Acid Blue 113 in the presence of visible light driven rare earth nanoclusters loaded TiO2 nanophotocatalysts

Control of released volatile organic compounds from industrial facilities using natural and acid treated mordenites: The role of acidic surface sites in the adsorption mechanism

Oxidative degradation of sulfathiazole by Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions

Photonic efficiency of the photodegradation of paracetamol in water by the photo-Fenton process

New assessment of organic mercury formation of highly polluted sediments in the Lenga estuary, Chile

Life-Cycle Assessment of coal–biomass based electricity in Chile: Focus on using raw vs torrefied wood

Membrane treatment of alkaline bleaching effluents from elementary chlorine free kraft softwood cellulose production

Treatment of cellulose bleaching effluents and their filtration permeates by anodic oxidation with H2O2 production

Influence of in vitro growth conditions on the photosynthesis and survival of Castanea sativa plantlets during ex vitro transfer

Biodegradation of roxarsone by a bacterial community of underground water and its toxic impact

Biodegradation of Tributyltin (TBT) by Extremophile Bacteria from Atacama Desert and Speciation of Tin By-products

Application of high silica zeolite ZSM-5 in a hybrid treatment process based on sequential adsorption and ozonation for VOCs elimination

Influencia de la Composición Química Superficial del Carbón Activado en la Adsorción de Benzotiazoles

Huella de Carbono de Productos y Organizaciones: Los Nuevos Desafíos

Study for the Production of Gypsum in the Acid Effluent Treatment Plant of Paipote Smelter

UDT, La Valoración de Residuos

Valorización de Pasivos Mineros: Caso relaves

Madera Nativa Como Fuente de Energía

Über Untersuchungsmethoden als Beitrag zu einer verbesserten Abfallbewirtschaftung in latein-amerikanischen Schewellenländern

Inventario Nacional de Fuentes de Emisión de Dioxinas y Furanos 2009

Relación de la investigación y la gestión de Sustancias Químicas en Chile

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Cellulose Production in Chile: Impacts on Global Warming and Natural Resources

Evaluación de las Capacidades para la Gestión Racional de las Sustancias Químicas y la Implementación Nacional del SAICM

Pyrometallurgical processing of copper smelter dusts

La Huella Eléctrica

¿Existe la contaminación atmosférica causada por olores?

Reglamento sanitario sobre manejo de residuos peligrosos bajo la lupa

Alternativas tecnológicas para aprovechamiento de biomasa forestal en la Región de Aysén

Pressure leaching of high arsenic copper concentrates under CESL process conditions

Mínimo Impacto

Mineralochemical characterization of calcines and flue dust produces by neutral roasting of arsenic copper concentrates in a pilot plant

A zero-waste process for copper smleting slags

Removal of hazardous organometallic wastes using free radicals generated by uva or sunlight

Technology Mining: A new approach for the process of Technology Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence from patents

Exergoeconomic valuation of a waste-based integrated combined cycle (WICC) for heat and power production

Degradation of Organoarsenicals by Heterogeneous Photocatalysis using ZnO, TiO2 and UVA

Effect of pellets made of waste materials from the paper industry enhanced with seaweed (Ulva lactuca L.) on N mineralization and lettuce production

Use of synthetic gypsum (FDG) in agriculture as an amendment of soils with salinity problems

Use of organic and chemical amendments for the remediation of soils flooded by the 2010 tsunami in the area of Tomé, Chile

Exergoenvironmental analysis of a waste-based Integrated Combined Cycle (WICC) for heat and power production

Role of oxygen-containing functional surface groups of activated carbons on the elimination of 2-hydroxybenzothiazole from waters in A hybrid heterogeneous ozonation system

Imidacloprid oxidation by photo-Fenton reaction

Effect of temperature on Imidacloprid oxidation by homogeneous photo-Fenton processes

Renacen las Cenizas. Conozca algunas alternativas de aprovechamiento de cenizas generadas en calderas de biomasa

Factibilidad de la Utilización de Lodos de Planta Celulosa Constitución como Mejorador de Suelos

La Biomasa en la Balanza

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