Ammonia Removal in Activated Carbons Prepared from Olive Oil Industry Waste

Effect of rejuvenating oil type on the synthesis and properties of alginate-based polynuclear capsules for asphalt self-healing

Comparative Study of Three Dyes’ Adsorption onto Activated Carbon from Chenopodium quinoa Willd and Quillaja Saponaria

Influence of lignin distribution, physicochemical characteristics and microstructure on the quality of biofuel pellets made from four different types of biomass

Carbon Sequestration in Support of the “4 per 1000” Initiative Using Compost and Stable Biochar from Hazelnut Shells and Sunflower Husks

Analytical methodology for the determination and separation of phenolic compounds in the bio-oil

Breakthrough curves of the extraction of catechol from bio-oil by SPE-HPLC

Radiata pine bark pyrolysis-oil fractionation and its potential applications

Assessment of a Fenton reaction driven by insoluble tannins from pine bark in treating an emergent contaminant

Catalysts based on cellulose-derived carbon aerogels for the cleaning and upgrading of gasification product gas

Export of regular and Torrefied wood pellets from Chile to Europe and Asia

Fast pyrolysis of tannins from pine bark as a renewable source of catechols

Ni/HZSM-5 catalyst preparation by deposition-precipitation. Part 2. Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation reactions of lignin model compounds in organic and aqueous systems

Detoxification of Waste Water Contaminated with Imidacloprid using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Processes

Kinetic study of Imidacloprid Removal by Advanced Oxidation Based on Photo-Fenton Process

Pyrolysis of pre-treated tannins obtained from radiata pine bark

Torrefaction of Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus: A combined experimental and modeling approach to process synthesis

Fast pyrolysis of lignin-coated radiata pine

Torrefaction of wood and bark from Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens: Focus on volatile evolution vs feasible temperatures

Pirólise rápida da madeira para producão de bio-óleo

Depolymerization of acetosolv lignin through in-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis

Conventional fast pyrolysis of coated biomass as an alternative to the valorization of natural thermoset polymers

Comparative Assessment of the Wet and Dry Torrefaction of Pinus Radiata

Hydroxyl radical production by heterogenous Fenton reaction supported in insoluble tannin bark of Pinus radiata

Selective production of formic acid from aqueous phase bio-oil by catalytic oxidation using heteropoly acids (for bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation)

Hydroxyl radical production by a heterogeneous Fenton reaction supported in insoluble tannin from bark of Pinus radiata

Selective production of formic acid by wet oxidation of aqueous- phase bio-oil

Steam torrefaction of Eucalyptus globulus for producing black pellets: A pilot-scale experience

Ni/HZSM-5 catalyst preparation by deposition-precipitation. Part 1. Effect of nickel loading and preparation conditions on catalyst properties

Imidacloprid oxidation by photo-Fenton reaction

Effect of temperature on Imidacloprid oxidation by homogeneous photo-Fenton processes

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