Performance of CuO/ZnO/AL2O3 catalysts undergoing various water gas displacement reaction cycles

Novel capsules for asphalt self-healing containing bio-oil from biomass waste

Experimental teaching and motivation towards chemistry from virtuality

Hemicelluloses monosaccharides and their effect on molybdenite flotation

Fast Pyrolysis of Hemicelluloses into Short-Chain Acids: An Investigation on Concerted Mechanisms

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Mechanisms of Bornite/Chalcopyrite/Magnetite Formation During Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Plant natural products with anti-thyroid cancer activity

Turmeric and Its Major Compound Curcumin on Health: Bioactive Effects and Safety Profiles for Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Medicinal Applications

The Therapeutic Potential of Anthocyanins: Current Approaches Based on Their Molecular Mechanism of Action

Green Extraction of Alkaloids and Polyphenols from Peumus boldus Leaves with Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents and Profiling by HPLC-PDA-IT-MS/MS and HPLC-QTOF-MS/MS

Isolation of Three Lycorine Type Alkaloids from Rhodolirium speciosum (Herb.) Ravenna Using pH-Zone-Refinement Centrifugal Partition Chromatography and Their Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities

Copper-Polyurethane Composite Materials: Particle Size Effect on the Physical-Chemical and Antibacterial Properties

Effect of lignin and hemicellulose on the properties of lignocellulose nanofibril suspensions

Improvement of endothelial function by Gunnera tinctoria extract with antioxidant properties

Berberis microphylla G. Forst (Calafate) Berry Extract Reduces Oxidative Stress and Lipid Peroxidation of Human LDL

Carrageenan-based physically crosslinked injectable hydrogel for wound healing and tissue repairing applications

A Novel Hydrocolloid Film Based on Pectin, Starch and Gunnera tinctoria and Ugni molinae Plant Extracts for Wound Dressing Applications

Aerogeles de óxido de grafeno reducido dopados con metales de transición para captura de H2

Efecto del soporte en la actividad de catalizadores de vanadio en la oxidación parcial de furfural a anhídrido maleico

Microscopía Confocal Láser de Barrido (CLSM) una novedosa herramienta para la localización y cuantificación de componentes químicos fluorescentes en comprimidos farmacéuticos sólidos mediante análisis multivariado de imágenes hiperespectrales

Valorización del Ácido Succínico sobre catalizadores de Ni and Co: Efecto de los metales y los soportes

Cambios observados en el perfil de compuestos bioactivos durante el proceso de ontogenia en hojas de Berberis microphylla G.Forst

Comparación de métodos de extracción para análisis metabolómico no dirigido en plasma por UHPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS

Noble Metal-Free Graphene-Based Photocatalysis: Defining a New Turnover Number for Water Remediation ́s Processes

Hidrogel derivado de hemicelulosa Xilano: Síntesis, caracterización y estudio de las propiedades adsorbentes de cationes Cu(II), Cd(II) y Pb(II) en solución acuosa

Efecto del contenido metálico en la hidrogenación de furfural sobre catalizadores de Ni/CNTox ensamblados en la interfase de emulsiones water/oil

Organizaciónes supramoleculares de anfífilos derivados de xilanos con propiedades de encapsulación

Evaluación de la estabilidad química de quetiapina fumarato por LC/DAD

Optimización del proceso de purificación y caracterización de exosomas para fines diagnóstico

Estudios cinéticos para la reacción de acetilación de benzaldehído catalizada por Metal Organic Frameworks

Catalizadores VPO para la Oxidación Parcial de Furfural a Anhídrido Maleico

Catalizadores de Carburos de Renio para la HDO de Guaiacol: Efecto del Soporte

Cobaltitas de lantano sustituidas parcialmente por Ca y Sr en el sitio A para ser empleadas como catalizadores en la conversión del ácido succínico

Bioadsorbentes Basados en Xilanos con Propiedades de Remoción de Metales Contaminantes

Conversión de Guayacol con Catalizadores Core@Shell basados en Co

Manual de evaluación y restauración agro- ecológica de suelos de uso agropecuarios afectados por incendios

Phytostimulant properties of highly stable silver nanoparticles obtained with saponin extract from Chenopodium quinoa

Effect of Boron in the Coarsening Rate of Chromium-Rich Carbides in 9%–12% Chromium Martensitic Creep-Resistant Steel: Experiment and Modeling at 650 °C

Raman microimaging as an analytical technique for simultaneous quantification and localization of active principles in pharmaceutical solid dosage forms

Conversion of succinic acid over Ni and Co catalysts

Polymeric nanoencapsulation of alpha interferon increases drug bioavailability and induces a sustained antiviral response in vivo

Kinetics of oxygen transfer reactions on the graphene surface. Part II. H2O vs. CO2

Impact of physical and physicochemical properties of supplementary cementitious materials on structural build-up of cement-based pastes

The Cramer’s rule for the parametrization of phenol and its hydroxylated byproducts: UV spectroscopy vs. high performance liquid chromatography

Medicinal plants used in the treatment of Malaria: A key emphasis to Artemisia, Cinchona, Cryptolepis, and Tabebuia genera

Carbon Sequestration in Support of the “4 per 1000” Initiative Using Compost and Stable Biochar from Hazelnut Shells and Sunflower Husks

Effect of temperature and reaction time during solvothermal synthesis of BiOCl on microspheres formation: implications in the photocatalytic oxidation of gallic acid under simulated solar radiation

Photocatalytic activity of P-Fe/activated carbon nanocomposites under artificial solar irradiation

Dual antifungal activity against Candida albicans of copper metallic nanostructures and hierarchical copper oxide marigold‐like nanostructures grown in situ in the culture medium

New insights into oxygen surface coverage and the resulting two-component structure of graphene oxide

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Concrete Reinforced with Eucalyptus globulus Bark Fibres

The nature of the active sites of Pd–Ga catalysts in the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol

K- and Cu-doped CaTiO3-based nanostructured hollow spheres as alternative catalysts to produce fatty acid ethyl esters as potential biodiesel

Anti‐Schistosoma mansoni effects of essential oils and their components

Apigenin as an anticancer agent

Effect of Ni Metal Content on Emulsifying Properties of Ni/CNTox Catalysts for Catalytic Conversion of Furfural in Pickering Emulsions

Biomass-derived furfural conversion over Ni/CNT catalysts at the interface of water-oil emulsion droplets

Selective conversion of biomass-derived furfural to cyclopentanone over carbon nanotube-supported Ni catalyst in Pickering emulsions

Tuning amphiphilic properties of Ni/Carbon nanotubes functionalized catalysts and their effect as emulsion stabilizer for biomass-derived furfural upgrading

Physico-Chemical and Antiadhesive Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Grapevine Cane Extract Films against Food Pathogenic Microorganisms

Corn-Starch-Based Materials Incorporated with Cinnamon Oil Emulsion: Physico-Chemical Characterization and Biological Activity

Enhancing the Membranolytic Activity of Chenopodium quinoa Saponins by Fast Microwave Hydrolysis

Sustained Release of Linezolid from Prepared Hydrogels with Polyvinyl Alcohol and Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acids of Variable Chain Lengths

A new approach to the mechanism for the acetalization of benzaldehyde over MOF catalysts

Extraction of guaiacol from hydrocarbons as an alternative for the upgraded bio-oil purification: Experimental and computational thermodynamic study

Utilization of industrial by-product fungal biomass from Aspergillus niger and Fusarium culmorum to obtain biosorbents for removal of pesticide and metal ions from aqueous solutions

Synthesis of hierarchical Mn3O4 nanowires on reduced graphene oxide nanoarchitecture as effective pseudocapacitive electrodes for capacitive desalination application

Insights in supported rhenium carbide catalysts for hydroconversion of lignin-derived compounds

Synergy between Ni and Co Nanoparticles Supported on Carbon in Guaiacol Conversion

Relevant aspects of the conversion of guaiacol as a model compound for bio-oil over supported molybdenum oxycarbide catalysts

Three-dimensional nickel foam and graphene electrode in microbial fuel cell application: Study of biofilm compatibility

La investigación aplicada de la UDT-EST como aporte al desarrollo de nuevos materiales de caucho

CQDs for the Sustainable Production of Solar Fuels and Chemicals

Development of eco-friendly polyurethane foams based on Lesquerella fendleri (A. Grey) oil-based polyol

Study of supported bimetallic MoRe carbides catalysts for guaiacol conversion

Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) microparticles embedded in κ-carrageenan/locust bean gum hydrogel as a dual drug delivery carrier

Relationship between rheological and morphological characteristics of cellulose nanofibrils in dilute dispersions

Solar light-driven photocatalytic degradation of phenol on S-doped nanoporous carbons: The role of functional groups in governing activity and selectivity

Hybrid Material Based on an Amorphous-Carbon Matrix and ZnO/Zn for the Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Basic Blue 41

Sustainable production of nanoporous carbons: Kinetics and equilibrium studies in the removal of atrazine

Influence of phosphorous upon the formation of DMPO-·OH and POBN-O2· ̄ T spin-trapping adducts in carbon-supported P-promoted Fe-based photocatalysts

Density and Viscosity of Binary Mixtures Composed of Anisole with Dodecane, Hexadecane, Decalin, or 1,4-Dioxane: Experiments and Modeling

Low nanomolar concentrations of a quercetin oxidation product, which naturally occurs in onion peel, protect cells against oxidative damage

Development of liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method to quantify cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer photolyase activity by detection of 15mer oligonucleotide as reaction product

Physical-Chemical Evaluation of Active Food Packaging Material Based on Thermoplastic Starch Loaded with Grape cane Extract

Therapeutic Applications of Curcumin Nanomedicine Formulations in Cardiovascular Diseases

Curcumin’s Nanomedicine Formulations for Therapeutic Application in Neurological Diseases

The consequences of support identity on the oxidative conversion of furfural to maleic anhydride on vanadia catalysts

Microencapsulated Bio-Based Rejuvenators for the Self-Healing of Bituminous Materials

Coaxial Spinning of All-Cellulose Systems for Enhanced Toughness: Filaments of Oxidized Nanofibrils Sheathed in Cellulose II Regenerated from a Protic Ionic Liquid

Waste tires pyrolysis kinetics and reaction mechanisms explained by TGA and Py-GC/MS under kinetically-controlled regime

The reduction of Fe-bearing copper slag for its use as a catalyst in carbon oxide hydrogenation to methane. A contribution to sustainable catalysis

Evaluation of the Water–Energy–Land Nexus (WELN) Using Exergy-Based Indicators: The Chilean Electricity System Case

Life cycle assessment of innovative insulation panels based on eucalyptus bark fibers

Improvement of thermomechanical properties of composite based on T hydroxyapatite functionalized with alkylsilanes in epoxy matrix

Polyphenolic distribution in organs of Argylia radiata, an extremophile plant from Chilean Atacama desert

Chilean crab (Aegla cholchol) as a new source of chitin and chitosan with antifungal properties against Candida spp

Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of red murta (Ugni molinae Turcz.) seeds: an undervalued Chilean resource

Valorization of biomass derivatives through the conversion of phenol over silica-supported Mo-Re oxide catalysts

Catalytic performance of 2D-Mxene nano-sheets for the hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of lignin-derived model compounds

Assessment of a Fenton reaction driven by insoluble tannins from pine bark in treating an emergent contaminant

Thermal Modification Effect on Supported Cu-Based Activated Carbon Catalyst in Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol

Conversion of levulinic acid using CuO/WO3(x)-Al2O3 catalysts

On the active sites for the oxygen reduction reaction catalyzed by graphene-based materials

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