Molybdenite Concentrate Purification by a Continuous Sulfation-Leaching Process

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Mechanisms of Bornite/Chalcopyrite/Magnetite Formation During Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Kinetics and mechanism of formation of MoO2 by solid state reaction between MoS2 and MoO3

Evaluation of ion exchange resins for iron control in copper electro-winning solutions

Roasting kinetics of high-arsenic copper concentrates

Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms of High Temperature flash Oxidation of Molybdenite

Gold and Silver Cyanidation from a Residue Produced by Leaching Dead-Roasted Copper White Metal

Continuous converting of copper matte to blister copper in a high intensity molten layer reactor

Bio-oil production from biomass by flash pyrolysis in a three stage fluidized bed reactors system

Development of a flash pyrolisis process in a three-stages fluidized bed reactor

Pyrometallurgical processing of copper smelter dusts

Depolymerization of acetosolv lignin through in-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis

Pressure leaching of high arsenic copper concentrates under CESL process conditions

Dynamic simulation of processing high arsenic copper concentrates

Mineralochemical characterization of calcines and flue dust produces by neutral roasting of arsenic copper concentrates in a pilot plant

A zero-waste process for copper smleting slags

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