Condensed tannin resins extracted from Pinus radiata bark as a support matrix in carbon nanofiber-reinforced polymers

Improvement of thermomechanical properties of composite based on T hydroxyapatite functionalized with alkylsilanes in epoxy matrix

Accurate Stress Computation in Plane Strain Tensile Tests for Sheet Metal Using Experimental Data

The effect of multiwall carbon nanotubes on the in-plane shear behavior of epoxy glass fiber reinforced composites

The influence of carbon fabric weave on the in-plane shear mechanical performance of epoxy fiber-reinforced laminates

Life-Cycle Assessment of coal–biomass based electricity in Chile: Focus on using raw vs torrefied wood

Evaluation of the fill yarns effect on the out-of-plane compressive fatigue behavior for an unidirectional glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite

A new synthesis route of ZnO nanonails via microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition

FE modeling of the cooling and tempering steps of bimetallic rolling mill rolls

Comparison of push-in and push-out tests for measuring interfacial shear strength in nano-reinforced composite materials

Quality and high yield synthesis of Ag nanowires by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method

Phase Transformations and Crack Initiation in a High-Chromium Cast Steel Under Hot Compression Tests

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