Thermodynamic and Kinetic Mechanisms of Bornite/Chalcopyrite/Magnetite Formation During Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Partial Roasting of High-Arsenic Copper Concentrates

Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms of High Temperature flash Oxidation of Molybdenite

Gold and Silver Cyanidation from a Residue Produced by Leaching Dead-Roasted Copper White Metal

The use of water-extractable Cu, Mo, Zn, As, Pb concentrations and automated mineral analysis of flue dust particles as tools for impact studies in topsoils exposed to past emissions of a Cu-smelter

Continuous converting of copper matte to blister copper in a high intensity molten layer reactor

Study for the Production of Gypsum in the Acid Effluent Treatment Plant of Paipote Smelter

Pyrometallurgical processing of copper smelter dusts

Mineralochemical characterization of calcines and flue dust produces by neutral roasting of arsenic copper concentrates in a pilot plant

A zero-waste process for copper smleting slags

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