Sirex noctilio infestation led to inevitable pine death despite activating pathways involved in tolerance

Phenolic Profile of Grape Canes: Novel Compounds Identified by LC-ESI-LTQ-Orbitrap-MS

Phenolic compounds and antioxidant apacity of grape cane extract produced at bench scale

Grape cane by-products as food additives: Changes in phenolic profile during production and microencapsulation

Oligostilbenoids in Vitis vinifera L. Pinot Noir grape cane extract: Isolation, characterization, in vitro antioxidant capacity and anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells

Quantitative determination of stilbenoids and proanthocyanidins on a C18-Core shell column in series with DAD and fluorescence detection anda LC- MS/MS identification

Condensed tannin-based polyurethane as functional modifier of PLA-composites

C18 core-shell column with in-series absorbance and fluorescence detection for simultaneous monitoring of changes in stilbenoid and proanthocyanidin concentrations during grape cane storage

Effect of the bench scale extraction conditions on pinus radiata bark extract yield, antioxidant properties and composition

Bark polyflavonoids from Pinus radiata as functional building-blocks for polylactic acid (PLA)-based green composites

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