Food biotechnology: Innovations and challenges

Perspectives of Using Eucalyptus Bark Fibre in Concrete

Progress in Starch-Based Materials for Food Packaging Applications

Molybdenite Concentrate Purification by a Continuous Sulfation-Leaching Process

Donut-Shaped Microparticles Prepared from Different C-Type Starch Sources: Characterization and Encapsulation of Gallic Acid

Comparing the Effects of a Pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) Bark Extract with a Quebracho (Schinopsis balansae Engl.) Extract on Methane Production and In Vitro Rumen Fermentation Parameters

k-carrageenan edible films for beef: Honey and bee pollen phenolic compounds improve their antioxidant capacity

A Study of Bioenergy Production from Chilean Tessaria absinthioides

Santalum Genus: phytochemical constituents, biological activities and health promoting-effects

Artemisia spp.: An Update on Its Chemical Composition, Pharmacological and Toxicological Profiles

Impact of the Hydrolysis and Methanolysis of Bidesmosidic Chenopodium quinoa Saponins on Their Hemolytic Activity

Grape Canes (Vitis vinifera L.) Applications on Packaging and Particleboard Industry: New Bioadhesive Based on Grape Extracts and Citric Acid

High-value compounds obtained from grape canes (Vitis vinifera L.) by steam pressure alkali extraction

Sirex noctilio infestation led to inevitable pine death despite activating pathways involved in tolerance

Biocomoposites of polylactic acid/ poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) blends loaded with quinoa husk agro-waste: thermal and mechanical properties

Catalytic pyrolysis of used tires on noble-metal-based catalysts to obtain high-value chemicals: Reaction pathways

Dataset on the reductive amination of phenolics with cyclohexylamine over Rh/C and Pd/C: Catalysts characterization and reaction performance

Production of Fungal Nanochitosan Using High-Pressure Water Jet System for Biomedical Applications

Metabolic profile and antioxidant capacity of five Berberis leaves species: A comprehensive study to determine their potential as natural food or ingredient

Impact of Crosslinking on the Characteristics of Pectin Monolith Cryogels

Novel Biocomposite Films Based on High Methoxyl Pectin Reinforced with Zeolite Y for Food Packaging Applications

A low-cost environmentally friendly approach to isolate lignin containing micro and nanofibrillated cellulose from Eucalyptus globulus bark by steam explosion

Photocatalytic Performance of Carbon-Containing CuMo-Based Catalysts under Sunlight Illumination

Performance of a C-containing Cu-based photocatalyst for the degradation of tartrazine: Comparison of performance in a slurry and CPC photoreactor under artificial and natural solar light

Stress Dependent Biofilm Formation and Bioactive Melanin Pigment Production by a Thermophilic Bacillus Species from Chilean Hot Spring

The effectiveness of the organosolv process in wheat straw delignification optimizing temperature and time reaction

Eryngium caeruleum: an update on ethnobotany, phytochemistry and biomedical applications

Theoretical evaluation of Cleome species’ bioactive compounds and therapeutic potential: A literature review

Propolis: An update on its chemistry and pharmacological applications

Isotopic transient kinetic analysis of CO2 hydrogenation to methanol on Cu/SiO2 promoted by Ga and Zn

Carbon Aerogel-Supported Iron for Gasification Gas Cleaning: Tars Decomposition

Polyphenolic Composition and Antioxidant Activity (ORAC, EPR and Cellular) of Different Extracts of Argylia radiata Vitroplants and Natural Roots

Ugi and Passerini reactions enable the incorporation of ΔAA into N-alkylated peptides and depsipeptides

Ugi and Passerini reactions enable the incorporation of ΔAA into N-alkylated peptides and depsipeptides

Optimization and Characterization of a Novel Exopolysaccharide from Bacillus haynesii CamB6 for Food Applications

Sulfated Polysaccharide Extracted from the Green Algae Codium bernabei: Physicochemical Characterization and Antioxidant, Anticoagulant and Antitumor Activity

Effect of rejuvenating oil type on the synthesis and properties of alginate-based polynuclear capsules for asphalt self-healing

Bioactive Effects of Curcumin in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Along with the Most Effective Isolation Techniques and Type of Nanoformulations

The effects of thymoquinone on pancreatic cancer: Evidence from preclinical studies

Prototypes of nutraceutical products from microparticles loaded with stilbenes extracted from grape cane

Production of limonene from waste tires via catalytic fast pyrolysis: a statistical–based screening on Ni‐, Pd‐, Co‐, and Fe‐supported catalysts

Comparative Study of Three Dyes’ Adsorption onto Activated Carbon from Chenopodium quinoa Willd and Quillaja Saponaria

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