Synthesis of maleilated polyflavonoids and lignin as functional bio-based building-blocks

Valorization of Kraft Lignin of Different Molecular Weights as Surfactant Agent for the Oil Industry

Esterified lignins from Pinus caribaea as bentonite dispersing agents

Condensed tannin-based polyurethane as functional modifier of PLA-composites

Modification of condensed tannins: from polyphenol chemistry to materials engineering

Hydroxypropyl tannin from Pinus pinaster bark as polyol source in urethane chemistry

Mild chemical modification of acetosolv lignin from several Chilean sources

Novel synthetic and natural adhesives: performance evaluation using ABES

Mild hydroxypropylation of polyflavonoids obtained under pilot-plant scale

Bark polyflavonoids from Pinus radiata as functional building-blocks for polylactic acid (PLA)-based green composites

Polycarboxylated Flavonoid Oligomers as Functional Additives for Polylactic Acid-, Polystyrene-, and PolyethyleneBased Composites

Toxicological features of maleilated polyflavonoids from Pinus radiata (D. Don.) as potential functional additives for biomaterials design

Condensed tannins from pine bark: A novel wood surface modifierassisted by laccase

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