Biocidal activity of citrus limetta peel extract mediated green synthesized silver quantum dots against MCF-7 cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria

Synthesis of hierarchical Mn3O4 nanowires on reduced graphene oxide nanoarchitecture as effective pseudocapacitive electrodes for capacitive desalination application

Three-dimensional nickel foam and graphene electrode in microbial fuel cell application: Study of biofilm compatibility

Effect of bimodal microstructure on mechanical properties of titanium-based foams

Probing the Defect-Induced Magnetocaloric Effect on Ferrite/ Graphene Functional Nanocomposites and their Magnetic Hyperthermia

Unraveling the synergistic influences of graphene and CuO on the structural, photon and phonon properties of graphene:CuO nanocomposites

A facile hydrothermal synthesis of CeO2 nanocubes decorated ZnO nanostructures: optical and enhanced photocatalytic properties

Effect of ultrasonic sonication time on the structural, optical and antibacterial properties of ceria nanostructures

Statistical features of epoxy resin based hybrid composites reinforced with jute, banana and flax natural fibers

Modulation of optical and photocatalytic properties by morphology and microstrain in hierarchical ceria nanostructures

Nanoparticles of 4,7-dichloro-2-quinolinemethylacrylate-based copolymers and their potential cytotoxic activity on human breast carcinoma cells

Graphene induced band gap widening and luminescence quenching in ceria:graphene nanocomposites

Influence of refluxing time and HMTA on structural and optical properties of rod, prism like ZnO nanostructures

Magnetic Properties and Photocatalytic Behavior of Co Co-doped BiFeO3:Er

Effect of reduced graphene oxide on the structural, optical, adsorption and photocatalytic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles

Solid-state synthesis and characterization of α-Fe2O3@ZnO nanocomposites with enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic activity

Simple and low-cost synthesis of CuO nanosheets for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of textile dyes

Green synthesis of porous Au–Nx-TiO2 nanospheres for solar light induced photocatalytic degradation of diazo and triazo dyes and their eco-toxic effects

The effect of capping agents on the structural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

Controlling the size and magnetic properties of nano CoFe2O4 by microwave assisted co-precipitation method

A general microwave synthesis of metal (Ni, Cu, Zn) selenide nanoparticles and their competitive interaction with human serum albumin

A multispectroscopic and molecular docking investigation of the binding interaction between serum albumins and acid orange dye

Fly Ash Constituent-Silica and Alumina Role in the Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite Based Ceramics

Studies on NiO-PVA Composite Films for Opto-Electronics and Optical Limiters

Sunlight-Induced photochemical synthesis of Au nanodots on α-Fe2O3@Reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite and their enhanced heterogeneous catalytic properties

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