Nanostructured KxNa1-xNbO3 hollow spheres as potential materials for the photocatalytic treatment of polluted water

Photocatalytic Turnover Number for Nanoporous Carbon-based Remediation of Polluted Water

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity from Amaryllis belladonna growing in Chile: enzymatic and molecular docking studies

Features in the NMR spectra of the aglycones of Agave spp. saponins. HMBC method for aglycone identification (HMAI)

Biocidal activity of citrus limetta peel extract mediated green synthesized silver quantum dots against MCF-7 cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria

Wettability of cellulose surfaces under the influence of an external electric field

Effects on Lignin Redistribution in Eucalyptus globulus Fibres Pre-Treated by Steam Explosion: A Microscale Study to Cellulose Accessibility

Influence of lignin distribution, physicochemical characteristics and microstructure on the quality of biofuel pellets made from four different types of biomass

Co-pyrolysis of coal and raw/torrefied biomass: A review on chemistry, kinetics and implementation

Kinetic and structural understanding of bulk and supported vanadium-based catalysts for furfural oxidation to maleic anhydride

Condensed tannin resins extracted from Pinus radiata bark as a support matrix in carbon nanofiber-reinforced polymers

Eco-Friendly Fire-Resistant Coatings Containing Dihydrogen Ammonium Phosphate Microcapsules and Tannins

Utilization of Marine Waste to Obtain β-Chitin Nanofibers and Films from Giant Humboldt Squid Dosidicus gigas

Insights into Hydrodeoxygenation of Furfural and Guaiacol Mixture: Experimental and Theoretical Studies

Effect of Ni Metal Content on Emulsifying Properties of Ni/CNTox Catalysts for Catalytic Conversion of Furfural in Pickering Emulsions

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