Santalum Genus: phytochemical constituents, biological activities and health promoting-effects

Artemisia spp.: An Update on Its Chemical Composition, Pharmacological and Toxicological Profiles

Eryngium caeruleum: an update on ethnobotany, phytochemistry and biomedical applications

Theoretical evaluation of Cleome species’ bioactive compounds and therapeutic potential: A literature review

Propolis: An update on its chemistry and pharmacological applications

Bioactive Effects of Curcumin in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Along with the Most Effective Isolation Techniques and Type of Nanoformulations

The effects of thymoquinone on pancreatic cancer: Evidence from preclinical studies

Plant natural products with anti-thyroid cancer activity

The Therapeutic Potential of Anthocyanins: Current Approaches Based on Their Molecular Mechanism of Action

Medicinal plants used in the treatment of Malaria: A key emphasis to Artemisia, Cinchona, Cryptolepis, and Tabebuia genera

Anti‐Schistosoma mansoni effects of essential oils and their components

Apigenin as an anticancer agent

Therapeutic Applications of Curcumin Nanomedicine Formulations in Cardiovascular Diseases

Curcumin’s Nanomedicine Formulations for Therapeutic Application in Neurological Diseases

Antidiabetic Potential of Medicinal Plants and Their Active Components

Anacardium Plants: Chemical,Nutritional Composition and Biotechnological Applications

Allicin and health: A comprehensive review

Melatonin in Medicinal and Food Plants: Occurrence, Bioavailability, and Health Potential for Humans

Plants of the genus Spinacia: From bioactive molecules to food and phytopharmacological applications

Understanding Camellia sinensis using Omics Technologies along with Endophytic Bacteria and Environmental Roles on Metabolism: A Review

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