Proceedings of the Chilean-German Biociclo Workshop 2010.


A three-stages flash pyrolysis system is being developed at UDT to produce bio-oil (biodiesel). The pilot-scale reactor of 50 to 100 kg/h capacity is formed by the central pyrolysis reactor which is interconnected with two other fluidized bed reactors.

The flash pyrolysis takes place in a fluidized bed of silica sand which is continuously recycled from the pyrolysis reactor into a lower combustor reactor where the fluidizing gas for the pyrolysis reactor (pyrolysis gas) is heated by burning part of the char generated in the pyrolysis stage. The hot gases generated in the char combustion reactor also heats the external wall of the pyrolysis reactor as well as the gas cleaning section of it. The sand overflowing from the lower reactor is pneumatically, transported into the upper fluidized bed reactor, in which the sand is reheated by burning part of the pyrolysis gases generated. The preheated sand is then fed continuously into the central pyrolysis reactor.

The vapours generated in the pyrolysis reactor are cleaned in three stages then are rapidly quenched in a venturi-type system.

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