Proceedings of the Chilean-German Biociclo Workshop 2010.


The combined heat and power systems, also known as CHP technolo- gies, is a simultaneous generation of multiple forms of useful energy in a single an integrated system. Most of the commercial CHP technologies that use biomass as a fuel are still based on the Rankine Cycle (RC), being the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), Stirling engines and biomass gasification technologies still under development or in the early stage of commercialization.

In the present work an economic assessment is carried out considering biomass as a fuel for medium size biomass CHP plants (in the range of 14-25 MWe) under the economic framework of Chile, estimating the cost of production of electricity as main product.

The estimated cost of electricity production for medium size CHP ranges from 39 to 56 US$/MWeh, with a cost of biomass supply at the gate of plant of 13 US$/(DMt). This estimation was obtained with a selling price of steam in the 2.5 – 3 US$/t range, considering it as a sub product, and therefore without a cost of production associated to the global balance.

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