Extraction of guaiacol from hydrocarbons as an alternative for the upgraded bio-oil purification: Experimental and computational thermodynamic study

Analytical methodology for the determination and separation of phenolic compounds in the bio-oil

Breakthrough curves of the extraction of catechol from bio-oil by SPE-HPLC

Study of supported bimetallic MoRe carbides catalysts for guaiacol conversion

Microencapsulated Bio-Based Rejuvenators for the Self-Healing of Bituminous Materials

Influence of citric acid leaching on the yield and quality of pyrolytic bio-oils from sugarcane residues

High performance thin layer chromatography determination of cellobiosan and levoglucosan in bio-oil obtained by fast pyrolysis of sawdust

Chromatographic approaches for determination of low-molecular mass aldehydes in bio-oil

Fast pyrolysis of low and high ash paper waste sludge: Influence of reactor temperature and pellet size

Bio-oil production from biomass by flash pyrolysis in a three stage fluidized bed reactors system

Energy conversion assessment of vacuum, slow and fast pyrolysis processes for low and high ash paper waste sludge

Preliminary biorefinery process proposal for protein and biofuels recovery from microalgae

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