Kinetics of oxygen transfer reactions on the graphene surface. Part II. H2O vs. CO2

New insights into oxygen surface coverage and the resulting two-component structure of graphene oxide

On the active sites for the oxygen reduction reaction catalyzed by graphene-based materials

Spin density distributions on graphene clusters and ribbons with carbene-like active sites

Oxygen transfer in graphene interactions with O-containing fluids: simulation vs. experiments

Nanostructured carbon materials for enhanced nitrobenzene adsorption: Physical vs. chemical surface properties

Thermodynamics and kinetics of graphene reactions with H2O and CO2

Graphene Functionalization: Mechanism of Carboxyl Group Formation

On the mechanism of nascent site deactivation in graphene

Comparative study of maleated polypropylene as a coupling agent for recycled low-density polyethylene/wood flour composites

Hydrodeoxygenation of 2- methoxyphenol over Mo2N catalysts supported on activated carbons

Gate voltage control of oxygen diffusion on graphene

Structural importance of Stone–Thrower–Wales defects in rolled and flat graphenes from surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Oxygen migration on the graphene surface. 1. Origin of epoxide groups

Oxygen migration on the graphene surface. 2. Thermochemistry of oxygen diffusion (hopping)

Similarities and differences in O2 chemisorption on graphene nanoribbon vs. carbon nanotube

Pyrolyzed phthalocyanines as surrogate carbon catalysts: Initial insights into oxygen-transfer mechanisms

On the methane adsorption capacity of activated carbons: in search of a correlation with adsorbent properties

Active Sites in Graphene and the Mechanism of CO2 Formation in Carbon Oxidation

Effect of Ag addition on the thermal stability and catalytic properties of LaFeO3 perovskite

Thermodynamic predictions of performance of a bagasse integrated gasification combined cycle under quasi-equilibrium conditions

Optimization of mechanical properties of Al-metal matrix composite produced by direct fusion of beverage cans

Catalysis: an old but new challenge for graphene-based materials

Torrefaction of Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus: A combined experimental and modeling approach to process synthesis

An update on the mechanism of the graphene–NO reaction

Kinetics of oxygen transfer reactions on the graphene surface: Part I. NO vs. O2

Surface Chemical and Electrochemical Properties of Carbons

Importancia del Agente Oxidante en la Preparación del Grafeno a Partir de Grafito Natural

Quantum chemistry of lithium graphene interactions: catalytic activity of the phenolate

An Update on the Thermochemistry and Kinetics of the Carbon-NO Reaction

Quantum chemistry of lithium graphene interactions: catalytic activity of the phenolate

Methane dry reforming over Ni supported on pine sawdust activated carbon: effects of support surface properties and metal loading

The graphene-NO reaction: initial insights from computational quantum chemistry

Alkali phenolates in graphene: electronic and geometric effects in catalytic gasification

On the structural and reactivity differences between biomass- and coal-derived chars

Structure-reactivity relationship in pyrolysis of plastics. A comparison with natural polymers

Hydrogen transfer and quinone/hydroquinone transitions in graphene-based materials

Efecto de la porosidad del soporte carbonoso en la gasificación con O2 catalizada por Co y Cu

Retención de materia orgánica de licor industrial en carbones activados: Influencia de los grupos funcionales superficiales y la textura

Estabilidad térmica y actividad catalítica durante la combustión completa de acetato de etilo en una perovskita de LaFeO3 dopada con Ag

Physicochemical properties of carbon materials: a brief overview

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