Biocomoposites of polylactic acid/ poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) blends loaded with quinoa husk agro-waste: thermal and mechanical properties

Impact of Crosslinking on the Characteristics of Pectin Monolith Cryogels

Novel Biocomposite Films Based on High Methoxyl Pectin Reinforced with Zeolite Y for Food Packaging Applications

Sulfated Polysaccharide Extracted from the Green Algae Codium bernabei: Physicochemical Characterization and Antioxidant, Anticoagulant and Antitumor Activity

Utilization of Marine Waste to Obtain β-Chitin Nanofibers and Films from Giant Humboldt Squid Dosidicus gigas

Physico-Chemical and Antiadhesive Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Grapevine Cane Extract Films against Food Pathogenic Microorganisms

Corn-Starch-Based Materials Incorporated with Cinnamon Oil Emulsion: Physico-Chemical Characterization and Biological Activity

Utilization of industrial by-product fungal biomass from Aspergillus niger and Fusarium culmorum to obtain biosorbents for removal of pesticide and metal ions from aqueous solutions

Physical-Chemical Evaluation of Active Food Packaging Material Based on Thermoplastic Starch Loaded with Grape cane Extract

Influence of different concentrations of Zn-carbonate phase on physical-chemical properties of antimicrobial agar composite films

Prospect of Polysaccharide-Based Materials as Advanced Food Packaging

Chilean crab (Aegla cholchol) as a new source of chitin and chitosan with antifungal properties against Candida spp

Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of red murta (Ugni molinae Turcz.) seeds: an undervalued Chilean resource

Tailoring the physico-chemical and antimicrobial properties of agar-based films by in situ formation of Cu-mineral phase

Utilization of agro-industrial waste for removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions and mining-wastewater

Edible blend films of pectin and poly(ethylene glycol): Preparation and physico-chemical evaluation

Pectin/Carboxymethylcellulose Films as a Potential Food Packaging Material

Pectin-based nanocomposite aerogels for potential insulated food packaging application

Influence of thermoplasticized starch on physical-chemical properties of new biodegradable carriers intended for forest industry

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