Donut-Shaped Microparticles Prepared from Different C-Type Starch Sources: Characterization and Encapsulation of Gallic Acid

A Novel Hydrocolloid Film Based on Pectin, Starch and Gunnera tinctoria and Ugni molinae Plant Extracts for Wound Dressing Applications

Study of the structural order of native starch granules using combined FTIR and XRD analysis

High performance thin layer chromatography determination of cellobiosan and levoglucosan in bio-oil obtained by fast pyrolysis of sawdust

Chromatographic approaches for determination of low-molecular mass aldehydes in bio-oil

Pirólise rápida da madeira para producão de bio-óleo

Depolymerization of acetosolv lignin through in-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis

Conventional fast pyrolysis of coated biomass as an alternative to the valorization of natural thermoset polymers

Selective production of formic acid from aqueous phase bio-oil by catalytic oxidation using heteropoly acids (for bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation)

Selective production of formic acid by wet oxidation of aqueous- phase bio-oil

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