La investigación aplicada de la UDT-EST como aporte al desarrollo de nuevos materiales de caucho

Influence of thermoplasticized starch on physical-chemical properties of new biodegradable carriers intended for forest industry

The Effect of Clay Type and of Clay–Masterbatch Product in the Preparation of Polypropylene/clay Nanocomposites

PVC/copper oxide composites and their effect on bacterial adherence

Thermal endurance and the thermal degradation kinetics of a Polypropylene/wood composite in an inert and oxidative atmospheres

Parameter optimization of antibacterial polymer formation

Nanostructured hybrid C-TiO2 photocatalysts for the phenol photodegradation

Biodegradable films with antifungal properties based on starch and ZnO nanoparticles

Estudio de la degradación de un compuesto de Polipropileno aserrín de madera en atmósfera inerte y oxidativa

Study of the thermal endurance and the thermal degradation kinetics of a Polypropylene wood composite

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