Efecto del soporte en la actividad de catalizadores de vanadio en la oxidación parcial de furfural a anhídrido maleico

Catalizadores VPO para la Oxidación Parcial de Furfural a Anhídrido Maleico

Conversión de Guayacol con Catalizadores Core@Shell basados en Co

The nature of the active sites of Pd–Ga catalysts in the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol

The consequences of support identity on the oxidative conversion of furfural to maleic anhydride on vanadia catalysts

The consequences of surface heterogeneity of cobalt nanoparticles on the kinetics of CO methanation

Insights into the role of Zn and Ga in the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol over Pd

Effect of the average cobalt cluster size on its activity for carbon monoxide methanation

The kinetic effect of H2O pressure on CO hydrogenation over different Rh cluster sizes

Mechanism and structure sensitivity of methanol synthesis from CO2 over SiO2-supported Cu nanoparticles

Insight on the Promoting Effect of Zr and Ti on the Catalytic Properties of Rh/SiO2 for Partial Oxidation of Methane

A modelling approach to the techno-economics of Biomass-to-SNG/Methanol systems: Standalone vs Integrated topologies

Kinetic and in situ FTIR study of CO methanation on a Rh/Al2O3 catalyst

New concepts in low-temperature catalytic hydrogenation and their implications for process intensification

Catalytic consequences of Ga promotion on Cu for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol

Efecto de la modificación de SiO2 por injerto de Zr y Ti en la oxidación parcial catalítica de metano

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