On the environmental and economic issues associated with the forestry residues-to-heat and electricity route in Chile: Sawdust gasification as a case study

Co-firing of coal/biomass blends in a pilot plant facility: A comparative study between Opuntia ficus-indica and Pinus radiata

Catalytic Conversion of Model Tars over Carbon-Supported Ni and Fe

Synthesis and usage of common and functionalized ionic liquids for biogas upgrading

A topological approach to mass barotropic phenomena in asymmetric mixtures

Producción y Uso de Gases Biogénicos

Determination of Logistic Chain Supply for Biogas Production in Bio Bio Valley, Chile

Comparative Assessment of the Wet and Dry Torrefaction of Pinus Radiata

Development of an analytical method for the main organic compounds derived from thermochemical conversion of biomass

Steam torrefaction of Eucalyptus globulus for producing black pellets: A pilot-scale experience

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